Windows IoT - January 2020

January 30, 2020

Some History

About two years ago, I was questioning whether running Windows IoT on a raspberry pi was a viable option for reliable applications. I had built a terminal that I wanted to have solid availabilty without having to personally be there to maintain it. However, Microsoft was automatically pushing updates from time to time, which was causing my application to stop running and was making the IoT setup app the primary application. When that happened, it wasn't a simple matter of turning it off and on again. I would have to go to the device and set my application as the primary application again.

The Good News?

The updates were getting pushed every few months, but at some point they stopped. Although I wasn't sure why it wasn't being reset, I was happy that the terminal just continued working on its own. However, now I know the reason. Microsoft hasn't published any updates to Windows IoT Core development build since October 2018. While this leaves the future of the OS very uncertain, the good news is that we haven't had to deal with updates getting pushed and breaking things.

Next Steps

With the same lingering doubts that I had long ago, and with Windows IoT Core possibly going the way of Windows 10 Mobile, doing any new development with it is probably not very wise. My future (raspberry pi) IoT projects should most likely run on Raspbian OS. It will be possible to reuse some existing C# code by making use of .NET Core. There is even an interesting cross-platform UI framework that could potentially make a GUI possible using purely .NET Core.